The institution is promoted to provide the community in the rural areas the best education to develop the cultural and social changes in the society. The founder and managing trustee and the founder trustee belong to a backward village and are aiming to work for the objective of Community Education,Cultural,Social Enhancement Nurture trust and the formation of the institute is largely motivated by Professor G Arumugam ,a student of Gandigram Rural Institute,Gandhigram Dindigul District, Tamil Nadu.

    Prof.G Arumugam gained his status in the society now due to the graceful financial assistance and disciplined education he got from the Gandhigram Rural Institute founded by Beloved Mama Shri.G.Ramachandran and nurtured by Anna S.Krishnamoorthy.To honour their dedication to rural development and educating rural society he has proposed the institutes and will be proposing more in time to come.

The objective of the institution is

“Promote Education and Promote Poor”